Arabic local newspaperAljarida reported that an informed health source revealed that the Ministry of Health had completed the procedures for recruiting 250 doctors, nurses and technicians from Pakistani medical teams specialized in intensive and abdominal care to help contain and combat “Covid 19” disease.

The sources told Al-Jarida that this second batch of Pakistani medical staff will arrive in Kuwait next November, indicating that the ministry has sent them contracts for their salaries and awaiting their arrival to the country.

She explained that the recent period witnessed continuous coordination between officials in the Ministry of Health and its Pakistani counterpart to finalize all arrangements for their recruitment.

She indicated that the assistance of Pakistani medical personnel comes within the framework of the joint medical and technical cooperation agreement and the exchange of experiences between the two countries, signed by the Ministry of Health at the beginning of last July, represented by Deputy Minister Dr. Mustafa Raza, with the Pakistani Ministry of Health represented by the Pakistan Ambassador to Kuwait, with the aim of strengthening the bonds of medical cooperation between the two sides.

The first batch of the Pakistani medical delegation arrived last week and included 208 doctors and nurses.