Meteorologist Muhammad Karam expected chances for rain to fall during the middle of next month, indicating that according to preliminary readings and pluralistic models, cloud formations will begin to form from November 8th.

Karam told that “the expected rain rates around their annual rates are between 130 and 150 mm, and the same is true for the temperature that is expected to range during the Al-Murabaniyah season between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, while the smallest rates are expected to range between 8 and 4 degrees Celsius. However, this does not prevent the occurrence of cold waves in which the temperature drops below four degrees, especially in the desert regions.

Starting from the middle of next month, the 30-degree barrier will be broken, so that the maximum temperature will begin to gradually decrease to reach 18 degrees Celsius during the Al-Murabania season,” he said