Zain Group, the leading company in the fields of digital innovation in the Middle East and African markets, announced that it is the only Kuwaiti company that was included in the list of “World’s Best Employers” issued by the American business magazine Forbes, and the first telecom company in the Arab region.

The group clarified in a press release that the global list of the best employers featured the names of Gulf and Arab companies and institutions in the energy and gas sectors, transport and aviation, banking, telecommunications and technology, as the Forbes list included 750 multinational companies worldwide, indicating that it is the only Kuwaiti company that has appeared. In this list, according to the global classification, it is among the top four companies in the Middle East market.

It is worth noting that the recently released global list of the best employers is the fourth of the American organization “Forbes”, which is the most famous classification list in the world, and in this version it cooperated with the market research company Statista to compile its list of the best employers, as it conducted investigative procedures in international markets. To survey the opinions of 160,000 employees and full- and part-shift employees in more than 58 countries, who work in enterprises whose operations are spread in international markets and remote geographic areas.

Participants in the survey curricula areas were asked to evaluate their desire to recommend employers to the surrounding circle of friends or family members, and the research papers included a request from the participants to evaluate their satisfaction with the extent of employers’ responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the initiatives and solutions undertaken by these companies. To deal with this crisis, the participants were also asked to assess the economic footprint of the companies, the nature of the attention available to talent development, and their perception of gender equality and sustainability areas.

Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain Group, said, “The emergence of Zain as the only Kuwaiti company in the Forbes list of the best employers in the world, and its position in the first place among telecom companies in the Arab region, highlights the institutional achievement of the Executive Management in providing A work environment that provides greater convenience to the business sector, while at the same time developing a permanent sense of parity, gaining the confidence of employees, and increasing their sense of pride.

Al-Kharafi explained, “This selection, which also places Zain among the top four companies for employers in the Middle East, consolidates our position as a long-standing institution in the telecommunications technology sector that knows its obligations towards its employees, as Zain has the largest geographical spread in the region characterized by the diversity of cultures, so we look at the recruitment process.” The best talent and the ability to retain them are central and essential for us to maintain our strategic plans. “

Al-Kharafi revealed that Zain’s entry on the list among major international companies highlights the great response that it has made and is still making during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it has taken proactive measures to face the challenges facing its societies to combat the Corona pandemic, indicating that the Executive Management has established a committee to manage the crisis to make sure of That all precautionary processes are properly implemented, and verify the extent of response to the decisions taken by the committee in dealing with this exceptional circumstance.

Al-Kharafi emphasized that Zain Group was keen to ensure the health of employees by placing their safety at the top of its priorities, by taking decisive measures to support all employees, and providing them with the tools necessary to cope with these conditions, and the committee responsible for managing the crisis was keen to provide a list of special instructions, in addition to Spread health and safety awareness.

Despite the economic and social turmoil caused by the pandemic, Zain has succeeded in dealing with the repercussions of this crisis without affecting the salaries of the employees, and the sense of responsibility of all Zain family of more than 7000 employees has increased by continuing to provide high-quality services to customers amid these exceptional circumstances. The group to maintain this positive momentum.

The company succeeded in managing the supply chain, as it worked to mitigate some of the challenges that suppliers may face during this crisis, by evaluating managed services and all suppliers who have been severely affected by the emerging corona virus, and the group has provided technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week from suppliers of strategic network equipment Critical managed services personnel have also been identified to provide on-site and remote support.

Zain Group was one of the first companies to take a pragmatic approach to address concerns in all fields, and internal and external communications were made through social media, e-mail, SMS text messages, call tones, radio channels, traditional media, and billboards, and it requested Employees work remotely, so they were provided with the necessary resources, including connection to the Virtual Private Network (VPN), and encouraging the use of specific work systems to ensure operational efficiency and continuity.

Realizing the importance of its services to customers and communities, the company redesigned direct and indirect sales channels to ensure availability of devices and lines, doubled systems and staff capabilities to support online sales, and introduced innovative measures such as mobile branches for door-to-door delivery and arrangements with delivery platforms to sell cards. Shipping through its applications, and it also provided safety instructions and requirements for employees in the branches, in addition to that, many campaigns have been launched and more comfortable tools have been provided to all segments of society to obtain the company’s services and products.

With the lockdown and ban periods, Zain has secured devices (computers, smart phones, VPNs, virtual desktop infrastructure, data dongles) for its employees who deal with customers so that they can continue to respond to inquiries from home, in addition, Social media and site support teams are equipped.

In order for Zain to consolidate its brand to be one of the preferred employers, it entered into an agreement with LinkedIn to enhance its strategy to attract and recruit the best talent from among the members of the professional network of “LinkedIn” in the world, and it also seeks to strengthen its program, which bears the name of the “Zain One Community” program. , Through a number of unified initiatives to support its talent acquisition teams in its operations in the Middle East and Africa.

She hosted the annual talent gathering with LinkedIn, an event aimed at attracting professional HR professionals across its operations in order to learn about the nature of the latest recruitment trends, an event that aligns with its “employer value” proposal.

Zain Group provided a framework under the slogan “Together”, through which employees were able to interact correlatively with their organization and create meaning for employment dynamics, and the companies affiliated to Zain Group have since been cooperating in order to achieve a unified goal, which is to increase response and participation rates. Among the employees.

The Zain Group is seen as an organization that attracts talent in the Middle East markets, as it provides support and care to develop skills to keep pace with international trends in the information technology sector, which correspond to its ambitions in its digital strategy, as the group has recently strengthened its digital investments in the areas of: e-health, content. Online, smart cities, financial technology (Fintech), e-learning, cybersecurity, and electronic clouds.

On the other hand, Zain Group shows an increasing interest in the fields of diversity, inclusion and sustainability. It is one of the institutions that has directed its interests to the generation of talented young graduates, by launching the “Generation Z” project, to invest in young talents, and the project introduced national cadres to the business sector, and has also embraced its center Creativity ZINC is among the leading regional incubators for entrepreneurial initiatives in the region.

Zain has devoted its initiatives to support the efforts of gender equality at the level of its companies in the Middle East, as it is one of the institutions that believes in gender equality, and this was demonstrated through its work to empower women, and in this direction launched the WE initiative, where it believes that women deserve opportunities Fair in a business environment.

The group focused on the issues of people with special needs to be part of the vision of diversity and inclusion. It launched the WE ABLE initiative aimed at people with special needs to increase integration in all businesses, and recently it joined the list of “The Valuable 500”, an international initiative that seeks to highlight the value of people suffering from Impotence and working to contain and integrate people with special needs are among the priorities of the departments of institutions and companies around the world.

As the group works to include sustainability projects and provide meaningful communication in all areas of its business, it establishes to build a rapidly developing digital ecosystem through its digital strategy, in which it goes beyond the traditional basic telecommunications sector services, and in that it supports comprehensive development efforts that lead to social and economic growth. In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of leaving no one behind