The supervisory team at the Department of Auditing and Follow-up of Municipal Services in the Ahmadi Governorate Municipality branch carried out field trips during three consecutive days to shops, supermarkets, retail stores, parallel markets, and commercial complexes throughout the governorate’s regions. Obtaining the approval of the municipality, in addition to issuing 56 warnings and closing an administrative place.

In this context, the Director of the Auditing and Follow-up Department of Municipal Services at the Governorate Municipality Branch Saad Al-Shaiba said that the field trips came within the framework of the implementation of Resolution 127/2020 for the fourth transitional phase and some activities from the fifth phase and to ensure that the owners of shops and commercial complexes adhere to the implementation of health requirements in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities to wear Masks, gloves and physical distancing to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, Covid 19, as well as ensuring that stores adhere to the requirements of the list of stores and advertisements.

Al-Shibh called on the owners of shops and commercial complexes to adhere to health requirements by taking all preventive measures and measures, pointing to the continuation of field trips by the supervisory team on stores in all regions of the governorate.

For its part, the Public Relations Department in the municipality invited citizens and residents to contact the hotline 139, which works around the clock, or contact the municipality’s accounts @kuwmun on social media sites or via (WhatsApp) 24727732 in the event of any complaint related to the municipality.