Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. participated. Basil Al-Sabah,today, at the meeting of the 83rd General Conference of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in order to promote Gulf health.

The Director of the Department of International Health Relations in the Ministry, Dr. Rehab Al-Wattayan, to “KUNA”, that the event discussed the efforts of the GCC countries to address and contain the Corona pandemic, adding that the meeting took place in which experiences and opinions were exchanged on many Gulf health programs, most notably strengthening health security and public health emergency plans, and supporting preparedness, surveillance and response systems in countries the Council.

He indicated that the response to epidemics and the healthy cities program 2020-2030 were discussed, building and strengthening the capacities of medical practitioners and health professions, encouraging the practice of sport and health-enhancing lifestyles, and following up the implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Council related to shared health.

Virus developments

Regarding the developments of the epidemic locally, the head of the central “Covid” team in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Hashem Al-Hashemi reported a decrease in the occupancy rate of “Covid” beds in hospital wards to 16%, and a slight decrease in the occupancy rate in intensive care, to reach 23%, since mid-October until now.

Al-Hashemi said, in a photo report, that last September witnessed a remarkable increase in the occupancy rate of “Covid” beds in hospital wards, reaching 28%, pointing out that this percentage was 18% during June and July.

Al-Hashemi renewed his call to fully adhere to health requirements and to avoid gatherings of all kinds, especially with the approaching winter season, as well as the approaching date of the National Assembly elections next month.

He stressed that the responsibility and commitment to health requirements must be doubled during the coming period, especially as we are heading to an important community activity, which is the parliamentary elections, during the month of December, and what happened during the past days is evidence that if this activity is not studied and controlled, it will lead to an increase in numbers. Because it affects every Kuwaiti household.

He added that the pandemic in Europe has now caused a total ban, and this may happen in Kuwait, because we are usually four to six weeks late for them, but the positive thing is that the vaccine against the virus may be available in Kuwait within two months. The next two.

Corona infections.

On a related topic, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 795 new cases of the disease during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases registered in the country to 129,638 cases, in addition to recording 5 deaths as a result of complications of “Covid 19”, bringing the total number of deaths As of yesterday, there were 799 cases.

The Ministry of Health confirmed, in the daily statistical statement, to find out the latest developments in the virus: 822 cases of disease were cured during the past 24 hours, bringing the total cases of recovery from the disease to 120,564 cases, 93% of the total infections in the country, after making sure of These cases resemble recovery, after conducting the necessary medical examinations and the steps taken in this regard.

He explained that the number of people receiving medical care in intensive care departments reached 115 cases, bringing the total number of all cases that were confirmed with “Covid-19” disease and are still receiving the necessary medical care 8275 cases.

The ministry stated that the number of swabs that were conducted during the past 24 hours reached 7403, bringing the total number of examinations since the beginning of the pandemic until now to 947 thousand and 921 laboratory examinations, thus the percentage of new infections from the swabs reached 10.7%.

The Ministry of Health renewed its call on citizens and residents to persist in adopting all preventive measures, to avoid contact with others and to ensure the implementation of the physical distancing strategy, recommending to visit the official accounts of the Ministry of Health and official authorities in the country, to view the instructions, recommendations and everything that would contribute to containing the spread of the virus.