A recent statistic issued by the Department of Organizing the Recruitment of Domestic Workers in the Public Authority for Manpower showed that the total sums collected from office owners, and were refunded to citizens and residents, amounted to 81,640 dinars, in addition to the collection of 2,158 dinars for the benefit of workers. The statistic indicated that, during last October, the total number of recruitment offices registered with the administration reached 479 offices, and the total employment registered on them was 1,562 domestic workers, noting that the number of complaints received from April 2019 to date reached 875 complaints, while the completed complaints reached 637.

She added that “the total number of complaints referred to the judiciary reached 637, and the number that was resolved amicably was 185, while the number of practice licenses renewed reached 24.”

On another issue, the authority announced the transfer of the Ahmadi Governorate Service Center from the Central Mall government – Jaber Al-Ali, to the new building in South Sabahiya, which provides the following two services: registering a new employment notice, and issuing a certificate that works and does not work for citizens only.