The Traffic and Operations Sector, and on the instructions of the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations, Major General Kamal Al-Sayegh, carried out a campaign on the Barr Al-Wafra area, during which men from the Traffic Investigation Department of the Traffic Operations Department used drones to locate one of the sites that the careless people use to hide their vehicles used in reckless operations Frivolity.

And in the details that a security source told Al-Jarida, that the Traffic Investigation Department men prepared a detailed report accompanied by field photos taken by drones that were recently introduced to service in the operations and traffic sector, for one of the sites used by playboys to hide their sports vehicles, after carrying out reckless and reckless operations. And races on public roads, and then escape from the security men, and go to one of the sites to hide them.

The source added that Major General Al-Sayegh issued orders to traffic officers to raid the site, seize all sports vehicles inside it, so he was raided, and 5 sports vehicles were seized inside tents and in bars of al-Kirbi prepared to hide the vehicles.