The government of India has restored all existing visas, except electronic, tourist, and medical categories, almost eight months after their suspension following the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent imposition of a nationwide lockdown.

In a move to get air travel back on track, the validity of all existing visas was restored last month.

Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) and foreign nationals can visit India for any purpose, except on tourist visa, India said as it eased visa and travel restrictions imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Foreign Ministry of India said that because of the situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government had taken a series of steps to curtail the inward and outward movement of international passengers since February 2020.

The government of India decided to make a graded relaxation in visa and travel restrictions for more categories of foreign nationals and Indian nationals who wish to enter or leave India.

Under this graded relaxation, the permission for Overseas Citizens of India and foreign nationals to enter the country includes authorized air or water routes, including flights operated under the Vande Bharat Mission air transport bubble arrangements or by any non-scheduled commercial flights as allowed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

All such travelers will however have to follow the guidelines of the Union Health Ministry regarding quarantine and other Covid protocols.