Kuwait: The Meteorological Department said that the country will be affected starting today, Tuesday, with the advancement of daylight hours, with a proliferation of low and medium clouds, leaving some cumulus clouds accompanied by opportunities for scattered rain that is sometimes thunderous, especially in the northern regions.

The head of the marine forecast section in the administration, Yasser Al-Balushi, added that these rains extend gradually during the night hours to the inland areas and vary in intensity from light to medium, and be abundant in some areas, with wind activity exceeding 50 kilometers per hour and a decrease in horizontal visibility, especially in rainy times. Thunderstorms rise in the waves to more than six feet.

Al-Balushi expected the chances of thunderstorms to continue at varying intervals from day and night tomorrow, after tomorrow until the early hours of next Friday morning, provided that the improvement in weather conditions will start from noon on Friday, God willing. He attributed this to the fact that the monsoon depression extends its influence during this period on the Arabian Peninsula and provides the country with a relatively hot and humid air mass that leads to high humidity, especially on the coastal areas, coinciding with another depression in the upper atmosphere, which gradually deepens.