Yesterday, the Traffic Court issued a ruling to imprison five people for a month, confiscate their vehicles for a period of two months, and fine each of them 100 dinars, for committing serious traffic offenses, and accordingly they were referred to the Traffic Court by the Violations Investigation Department / Traffic Violations Claim Department at the General Traffic Department.

A security source told that the Violation Investigation Department charged the five accused with racing without a permit on the public road, recklessness, and endangering the lives of others, pointing out that the Traffic Violations Investigation Prosecution Section prepared the indictment records for those accused of the violations committed and referred them to court Traffic, after having been booked for two days in traffic seizure goggles.

The source added that the Traffic Court rulings have become enforceable against the defendants whose gross traffic violations were documented and presented to the Traffic Court judge as evidence, in addition to the records of the offenses in which the defendants admitted to the grave traffic violations committed.

On the other hand, the traffic and operations sector men carried out yesterday evening a traffic campaign that resulted in the liberation of 1,342 traffic offenses, including 423 violations of using a mobile phone while driving, 411 violations of not fastening seatbelts, 255 violations of truck driving during the ban period, and 253 police patrols. A miscellaneous traffic offense, most notably the violation of the glass shading conditions.