The absence permits for expatriates to stay outside the country is renewed automatically, and any expatriate with a valid residency permit and passport can enter the country irrespective of the number of days outside the country the General Administration of Residency Affairs confirmed.

However, anyone entering the country must follow the health protocols and quarantine requirements. The ban on direct entry for 34 countries still exist, and there is no change in that as of now.

Authorities also clarified that there is no truth in rumours about stopping the entry of people above 60 years of age. There is no ban on elderly dependent visa holders from entering the country. Still, due to the current situation, it is preferable for the elderly not to travel for their safety, sources said. Holders of expired residency permits should undergo new procedures when life returns to normal, which means a new entry visa must be obtained. The residencies of all types, especially article 22 (dependent) visas, can be renewed online now