Among the health conditions put forth for arrivals from countries on the 34 ban list is that they be subjected to hotel quarantine for 7 days, while transport is to be provided for shifting them to the quarantine places, and no one is allowed to receive them at the airport, and they are responsible for the quarantine costs and medical tests.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is awaiting the Ministry of Health (MoH)’s response to its announcement of its readiness to start airport operations for 24 hours starting next Tuesday, reported Al-Rai daily. However, health authorities have stipulated that once flights restart between Kuwait and the countries on the 34 country ban list, travelers returning from high-risk countries must comply with all health regulations including tests on arrival and mandatory institutional quarantine.

The daily said, quoting informed sources that the health authorities are not satisfied with sticking to home quarantine, and have put forward the condition that those returning from those countries on the 34 ban list be institutionalized for a period of 7 days in hotels or accommodation, provided that the PCR test is carried out on the seventh day, and based on its result, the quarantine either ends if negative or is extended if the test shows positive for the coronavirus.

A ban was instituted in Kuwait International Airport against flights from 34 countries, and is still in effect based on instructions of the health authorities. These affected countries include India, Iran, China, Brazil, Colombia, Armenia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Syria, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iraq, Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Afghanistan, France and Argentina.

Travelers from any of the 34 prohibited countries can stay for 14 days in any country other than those on the ban list, and then obtain a PCR certificate showing they are coronavirus negative before coming to Kuwait.