Eight months of first reporting Corona cases in Kuwait, the state had conducted more than a million swab test on citizens and residents in the country.

First cases of the emerging virus in the country was reported on February 24 for three people, and till date, the country recorded an average of 135,650 infections since the virus spread.

Ministry of Health has taken a series of measures aimed at preventing the virus from entering the country and limiting its spread. The Ministry lost quite a few of its doctors, nurses and technicians due to complications from the Coronavirus, while it issued several regulatory decisions aimed at organizing the flow of work at every stage of returning to normal life, which had an impact on limiting the spread of the epidemic at an accelerated pace, and in cooperation and coordination with Other government agencies.

Conducting one million swab test in a country with a population of about 4.7 million is considered an achievement for the Ministry of Health and its workers.

The Ministry of Health also established rapid vehicle examination centres at the Jaber stadium and Al-Jazeera Airways building to conduct swab test for citizens with the prior reservation and had received about 2,700 citizens daily. The results are sent within 48 hours, while a rapid examination centre was launched in Sabhan, last September, which provides laboratory tests for the disease, and receives visitors daily from 5:30 pm.