A number of citizens, residents of Al-Rehab area in the Farwaniya Governorate, have expressed their optimism about the new era under the leadership of His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad and the next National Assembly, hoping that it will move towards achievement and development for the state of Kuwait, Al Rai daily reported.

Citizen Mishari Al-Adwani said that the traffic problem and the recklessness seen on the streets of Kuwait, which leads to nearly 500 deaths annually, is a huge problem, calling for tougher penalties for reckless drivers, whether by increasing fines or imprisonment for law violators, demanding that cars be impounded, regardless of its value, to teach a lesson to others. He also called for imprisonment for reckless drivers, or the imprisonment of his guardian if he is a minor, expressing his disdain for guardians who give their children cars and allow them to drive without a license, with the excuse that “the boy has become men.”

Citizen Fahd Al-Rashidi was surprised by the lack of tourist facilities for entertainment, and perhaps the last structure that was demolished was the entertainment city, which was an attraction for tourists and visitors to Kuwait, calling on the next council to explore the tourism issue, start tourism projects and exploit Failaka Island for investment in the field of tourism, as there is plenty of available resources for the success of such projects.