The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, accompanied by the CEO of the Agency, Adel Al-Sanea, visited the headquarters of the Aircraft Protection Department of the Ministry of Interior, during which they met with the Assistant Undersecretary for Special Security Affairs Major General Shukri Al-Najjar, Director General of the Special Forces Major General Faisal Al-Issa and the Director of the Kuwaiti Aircraft Protection Department Colonel Talal Al-Mansour And senior officials, where they discussed the relationship between “Kuwaiti” and “aircraft protection” and ways to consolidate joint cooperation between the two parties in various fields and how to develop them for the benefit of the public interest and to achieve the desired goals.

The visit also included a visual and theoretical presentation of the method and mechanism of the Aircraft Protection Department’s work in preserving the security and safety of Kuwait Airways aircraft and its passengers from any operations that might harm their security and safety.

On the sidelines of the visit, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Kuwaitia, said: “The visit comes to develop and strengthen the established relations between Kuwait Airways and the Kuwaiti Aircraft Protection Department in the interest of both parties and contribute to the development and improvement of the aircraft protection system in the State of Kuwait. On the latest methods and methods of protecting aircraft and passengers from any problems that may harm the safety and security of aircraft and passengers, which Kuwait Airways pays great attention to and always places it among its main goals

He added: “The Kuwaiti Aircraft Protection Department is one of the bodies that is distinguished by its professional work, which is witnessed by everyone in the field of aircraft security around the world. Moreover, the Aircraft Protection Department is working hard to raise the level of training of its personnel to the highest levels in securing and protecting civil air transport and the judiciary. Any acts outside the law that may affect the safety and security of aircraft and their passengers, and the preservation of the interests of the state, which led to the achievement of safety and security on all airlines operating in Kuwait.

Al-Dukhan extended sincere thanks and gratitude to those in charge of protecting Kuwait Airways aircraft and their prominent and tangible role in maintaining the safety and security of passengers.